Our Mission:

The mission of Forsyth Academy of Performing Arts is to foster a creative, safe, professional environment for students to develop skills essential to the performing arts and beyond.

Our Story:

FAPA opened in 2013 with 35 students interested in studying the performing arts. We now have hundreds of students coming through our doors each week to study acting, improv, musical theater, and technical theater along with frequent workshops focusing on other areas of the performing arts like film and television. Our programs include performance opportunities, productions, class intensives, workshops and competition troupes all fostering excellence in the performing arts while still keeping our students’ best interests and overall well being at heart. At FAPA, we strive to keep the drama out of theater and are proud to build amazing, well-rounded characters both on and off stage.

Our Goals:

Develop Technique * Grow Confidence * Build Relationships * Practice Responsibility