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Best of Forsyth - 5 Years Running
Why Choose FAPA

We realize you have many extracurricular activitiy options for your child.

We’d love to offer you some reasons to consider studying the performing arts at FAPA.

We love everything about FAPA!

We love everything about FAPA! The leadership and staff are better than any other we have dealt with in all of the years of after school activities! The first thing my daughter said after her first day at FAPA was, ‘Everyone is so nice and encouraging!’ That was music to my ears, and the smile on her face reassured that signing her up at FAPA was the best decision we made to strengthen of love of musical theatre.

We feel we really lucked up...

We feel we really lucked up when we found FAPA. The location is convenient for us, and we feel the instruction is superior. —Jennifer

FAPA is very focused on the kids.

FAPA is very focused on the kids. It truly teaches them the essence of theatre it is not about fancy costumes and sets, if you child loves acting and theatre this is the place. Our kids love everything.

We never have to motivate our son or daughter to go to FAPA. It is a highlight of their week.

We love so many things.

We love so many things. The people, the plays they choose, reasonably priced. I have no qualms about dropping my kids off at FAPA for their play practices as I know it’s safe, the people that work there are caring and will do what is best for the kids. Very family friendly.

Truly enjoyed every minute...

Leigh Ann and FAPA have become such a big part of our life since my oldest started with 3 years ago. She has been exposed to such great talent from instructors as well as peers, and has experienced so much. My youngest has now started her journey with FAPA and it continues to be my favorite thing that my kids are involved with! My kids love the environment that Leigh Ann creates and requires of them – lots of fun! But I love that she requires them to be respectful as well. We can’t imagine being a part of any other Theater company. We have truly enjoyed every minute of being involved with FAPA!

My child LOVES going to FAPA.

My child LOVES going to FAPA. It’s the highlight of her week. They make her feel welcome and she is excited to be part of the class.

What FAPA does is so significant.

As I watched my daughter at FAPA, I saw her confidence growing and was overwhelmed with thankfulness. What FAPA does is so significant. They are building kids’ confidence and helping shape precious hearts.

Beyond the stage.

I love the confidence that my daughter has gained while learning at FAPA. She loves everything about it…the wonderful instructors, singing, dance, improv. I think what she loves the most is the time she has to just be herself and be creative.

I am so grateful for all the instructors that have taught my daughter. The skills she has learned goes beyond the stage. You have helped make her a confidence, strong, creative, outspoken, amazing child.

See for yourself who we are and what we do!