Thank you so much for your interest in our programs at FAPA! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.
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  • How does FAPA’s schedule work?

Most of our classes and productions meet only once per week. We’ve designed our program this way because we know theater kids are busy kids and we want them to be able to participate in all of the activities they love. Our production classes will frequently have a couple of additional Saturday rehearsals over the course of their rehearsal process, but we send those out at the beginning of the process so that you have plenty of time to mark your calendar!

  • When are new classes and shows announced?

Typically, we announce our Fall shows and classes in April, we announce our summer camps in February and we announce our Spring shows in late October. We often will announce additional opportunities as they come available…sometimes we add shows or short-term classes to our schedule throughout the year. Our currently enrolled students get first access to anything we announce followed by our email subscribers and then our social media followers.

  • Are some of your classes all school year long?

Yes! Many of our classes run from August to May (Acting Up, Storybook Theater, Take the Stage), but many of our classes have specific time periods that aren’t the full school year in length. Each class will have it’s length listed in the class description, so pay attention to those details when you enroll. We do NOT automatically re-enroll students once their class/production ends, so you have the freedom to decide if you’d like to continue or change to a different class.

  • How does FAPA communicate with parents?

Most of our communications come via email. PLEASE make sure, when you initially enroll, that you see a confirmation email come through. If you don’t, please reach out to us so that we can troubleshoot with you to make sure you’re receiving our emails and they’re not going to Junk or Spam folders. Email is so important for how we get the word out about additional rehearsals, tickets going on sale, costume information, closures, etc. We encourage you to set notifications for your FAPA emails just to make sure you don’t miss anything. We will never spam you or send you unnecessary information.

  • Are there any other methods of communication?

Yes! When you enroll, you’ll be given access to a Parent Portal. You can always check your messages in the portal…emails we send stay in your account for at least a full calendar year. For our middle and high school students, we also utilize an app called Band, which allows us to share videos, announcements, rehearsal reminders, etc. directly to the students. We will always invite parents to join the Band App as well. (It is our policy to not communicate directly to students without parent invitation.)

  • What if I think I missed an email?

Check back in your Parent Portal in the Messages tab. You’ll find everything we’ve sent to you in one convenient place. The link to the Parent Portal is on our website. Simply select the Classes heading and then go to Current Students.

  • Is there a calendar somewhere for all FAPA activities?

Yes! Check our website on our Current Students page. Select the Classes heading and then go to Current Students and you’ll see our calendar. You can also access it HERE.


  • How does tuition work?

Tuition for classes/shows at FAPA is considered a full and total cost for the duration of the class/show. We take the total amount of tuition (whether it be for a 5 month class or a 7 month rehearsal process) and divide it into equal monthly installments. Each month has different numbers of class meetings due to 5th weeks, school breaks, holidays, etc. so we break the tuition into equal installments to keep things simple for our families and so they know what to expect each month regardless of the number of class meetings. (Example: Total Class Tuition divided by the number of months of classes = Monthly payment)

  • How do payments work?

In order to enroll, you must place a credit card on file for your family. These cards are safely stored with our e-payments processor and double encrypted for security. We accept all major cards: Visa, Discover, American Express and Discover. On the 1st business day of each month, we automatically process payments for your child’s class(es).

  • What if I want to pay by cash or check?

No problem! Simply bring payment for the following month to our office by the end of the previous month. For example, to pay September’s tuition by check or cash, simply bring that tuition to our front desk by August 31st.


  • My child wants to do a production. How does it work?

Our production classes are designed for students of all levels and stages of their development to have a place to participate in theater. The process is generally this: we take a week or more to get to know one another as a cast. From there, we teach the students everything they need to know for auditions. The students will come in during their regular class time and audition for roles in the show. ALL students who are enrolled will be cast in the show. There’s a place for everyone! From there, students are off to the races in rehearsals preparing for their show! Every show’s performance dates are listed in their class description, so you can mark those dates before you enroll. We perform each show at least 2-3 times and ALL students will perform in ALL shows.

  • What if my child doesn’t like their part?

Unfortunately not everyone can have the role in the show they most wanted. We believe that resilience is one of the most important characteristics we can help our students develop. That’s why we always encourage sticking with a show even after feeling disappointment in casting. We work hard to make sure every student has fun in rehearsals and has moments to shine on stage in each and every production and there is SO much to be gained from sticking with a show regardless of the role. We encourage parents to cheer their kids on in whatever role they receive because EVERY role is important, valuable and gives students the opportunity to learn and grow as a performer!

  • How do you handle costumes?

Typically we ask for families to supply a “base” costume. This is usually a specific color t-shirt and pants for our younger students or it can be specific undergarments (camis and shorts) for our older students. We don’t have true dressing rooms, so we like the kids to be fully dressed when they arrive at FAPA to eliminate the need for changing rooms as much as possible. We prefer to try to just layer on costume pieces on top of whatever their base costume is. We provide all of the other costume pieces other than the base pieces and will keep those at FAPA for the performances.

  • Are there ever extra rehearsals?

Sometimes! Our middle and high school productions typically have at least one additional Saturday rehearsal and we will send out those dates well in advance. Our younger students do not typically have extra rehearsals with the exception of their tech/dress rehearsals which either happen the afternoon of their first show or sometimes the Saturday before their show. Again, we’ll let you know with plenty of notice exactly what that schedule will be.

  • Do you record the performances?

Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to record performances due to licensing restrictions. We sign extensive agreements in order to have the permission to legally produce the shows we produce and part of those agreements is saying that we will not record and/or distribute the productions. These restrictions were tightened during the Covid pandemic and show no sign of loosening, but if anything changes, we’ll certainly update our families. That being said, as long as it’s not a distraction to the families around you, you are welcome to record your child from your seat. FAPA is not allowed to make full recordings of the productions, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t record your child.


  • Do I have to buy tickets for my child’s show?

Yes. We put tickets on sale for our productions about six weeks before the show opens. Please keep an eye on your emails to receive notice as soon as tickets go on sale.

  • Do you offer comp tickets for parents?

We do not. And here’s why: for many years, we offered two complimentary tickets for our parents for their child’s shows. What we found was that the comp tickets were actually causing confusion and frustration for our families. We eliminated comp tickets and reduced our tuition for our productions in order to compensate parents for the ticket cost. Since that point, things have been much smoother and we think our parents have had a much easier time getting the seats they prefer in our theaters.

  • Can we invite friends and family to come to the shows?

ABSOLUTELY! We encourage it!